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Nike KD 10 Performance Review

Detailed performance review on the Nike KD 10.
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KD12 Performance Review:

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Mark L.earns : I had the KD 10 for almost a year now and everything you said is spot on. Sometimes it's just too stretchy for guard-like lateral movements. Also I'd recommend playing in 2 pairs of socks to protect your thumbs and to be able to lace 'em up tighter without pain. It's still a fairly good shoe but compared to my go to nowadays - the Kyrie 4 - it's lackluster. Though the multicolor colorway I have looks dope.
Shoemanati : Good video Nightwing actually seen these in hand first the first time today and I thought they looked solid! Good performance review and breakdown of the sneaker
Byron Sublay : I agree. These look really good. Another awesome review!

I think sometimes it's best to wait for the next colorways coz they tweak them a bit, which should not be the case in the first place. They should release the best production model from the get go, since they should have people testing them before they even mass produce them.

Got lucky I striked out on the banned xxxi's and ended up with the chicago pair. Traction on those are awesome.
hor__hey : Didn't try the KD9, my foot is wider than most and like you mentioned... IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS getting on so I passed. These however appear to be wide-foot friendly so I will be picking these up. Thanks for the info, great vid!!
An t : Very Thorough Review. Thank you Nightwing.

Nike Kd 10 Review!

Sorry guys, Don injured his knee before we got to film the performance shots for the kd 10.

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Millicente : Fraying doesn't always mean bad durability. Sometimes rubber has a layer that can fray but the traction stays fine for a long time. Only time can say how durable traction will be.
Martín Córdoba : It's all true about the zoom unit popping, both kicks of my pair of KD10s did, the first one in less than 6 months. IMO cushion was great until then, traction was good enough for a guard, and support wasn't a problem.
Dylan Huynh : Hey solebros. I want to go ice skating, buts it's the summer. If I go buy the Jordan 31s will it give me the same experience as ice skating.
OnlyInFloridaLOL : I have the igloos and I love how comfy they are
Mr. Haji Johnson : The most comfortable KD to date in my opinion.

Kevin Durant Top 10 Plays of Career

Thank you for watching my top 10 list of Kevin Durant's career plays. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like, subscribe, and comment a recommendation on which NBA player you want me to cover next!
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Kevin's Journal : When I see him in an OKC uniform he looks like a childhood hero, when I see him in a GSW he looks like Darth Vader, miss the old days.
Jaris Dominguez : Good compilation but, no 3 pointer falling backwards against the Grizzlies to send it to overtime and win the game... so yeah, you forgot that one
Sihoo Kim : I honestly think #7 and #2 should change places
2KAdri : I love this Durant shots where he seems to almost fell
Chris Aultman : Third most dominant scorer behind Mike and Wilt and the most versatile scorer ever. Amazing Portland didn't learn from passing on the GOAT when KD could have been theirs.




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