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Panasonic RX CW 200 L

Test Ladislav Bari, Lučenec
melle gerda : AFD speakers were neat to look at, but the bass was never punchy enough. My mate had the same machine. I actually grew tired of it after 30 mins.
Khurram Malik : Memories
Tobias Östergren : Is it for sale? Had one when i was a kid but it broke, please tell me if i can buy.
claudia alejandra pradines faundez : At5taaaaĺ6cqr!5!6g1!6!)!6a
Janath : Miller Germany I also liked the National Panasonic RX C compo systems. But I did not have a chance to listen and experience a set with AFD flat speakers. Are they not as good as the normal conical speakers? I also guess not, because the AFD speakers went out of use after a short period.

Panasonic RX-CW200.Test N.1

CW 200 Medley FMC swim meet

200 medley relay Lanes 7 (a) and lane 8 (b) for the club Wolverine
At the FMC mid season swim meet November 20, 2021




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