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War Commander - Lucky (45) vs Big_Daddy_Bash (49) he wants to try his base.

Daniel Salazar : What's in the toons? Too small to see on my phone
Ronan Talvi : ;)


Ziad Tarek : Good job bruno

Best PvP TOON War Commander

In this clip, I let you judge if this is the Best PvP Toon, let your opinion in the comment section below.
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D-bomb : During playing an on going event I find that Hoplite can shoot the crap out of those blue spiders easy, hmm finally a useful unit at last.
Sasa ! ! ! :
CripToMaster : BRO can u do a thor lvl 100 i think they change
Aamish Ahmed : I think this video made me lose some braincells
GabyKatut Plays : Thats nice, I don't have tham build




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