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GeForce 210 in GTA 5 / V - It is Horrible!

GTA V tested in the GeForce 210 (or GT 210 but it's not even a GT card)... Prepare your eyes!!

⏱ Timestamps ⏱

Intro, Specs, Stuff - 0:00
Ultra 1080p - 1:45
Crash - 2:45
Ultra 1080p again - 3:05
Ultra 2700p render scaling (more than 4K) - 4:52
Crash - 5:00
Ultra 2700p render scaling again - 5:34
Low 1080p - 6:45
Low 720p - 8:29
Low 800x600 - 9:38
Low 800x600 no shadows - 11:44
Low 400x300 no shadows - 12:42
Low 144p no shadows - 14:36
Low "54p" no shadows - 15:23


◽️ AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - Same performance with: i3 2100 or better...
◾️ Nvidia GeForce G 210 512MB DDR3
◾️ RAM - 32GB DDR4 3200MHz (4x8GB CL14)
◽️ OS - Windows 10 Pro
◽️ SSD 1 - WD Blue SN550 1TB
◽️ SSD 2 - WD Blue 1TB 3D NAND SATA
◽️ SSD 3 - Kingston A400 480GB
◽️ HDD 1 - WD Red 2TB 7200rpm
◽️ HDD 2 - Seagate Exos 12TB 7200rpm
◾️ Motherboard - MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI
◾️ PSU - Corsair RM750i 80+ gold
◾️ Case - Phanteks ECLIPSE P500A

Recorded with a capture card and another PC for no FPS loss.


Second Channel:

▶️ G210 Playlist:



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Gaby Alex : After i tortured my eyes at 1-15 FPS, 30 FPS looks like 60 FPS for me
VinyMinotaur 269 : This card makes the gt 430 look good.

Edit: holy cow so many gpus,cpus in the comments

Edit 2: you can stop now with your setups
Vladimir Putin : my MacBook : finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!
Sai Dwarakanath : Everything gets outdated,imagine the time that would come when the rtx 3090 gives 1 fps in games, (thanks for the likes.....)
Gamer Saketh : Testing the gt 710 would be like the 3090 experience after testing the g 210

Nvidia GT218 (GeForce GT210) die shot

Die shot of a 40nm Nvidia GT218 GPU.

Higher resolution die shots:
Mauro : Me encantaría que muestres un die de por ejemplo un qualcomm snapdragon series 800
Mauro : 1000x es posible?
exaltedb : So few CUDA cores that you can visibly count them on the die
Tbm Num sei : I have a gt 218, is this a gt 210?
ShagStars Productions : So this even weaker than intel hd 600?

The Ultimate GPU showdown: Nvidia GT 710 vs GT 210!

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I decided to put an age-old debate GPU to rest, How does the Nvidia GT 210 hold up compared to its younger more glamorous offspring, the GT 710?
It really is the Ultimate GPU showdown.

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A. Neville : Missed an opportunity to say, "The GT210 plays Skyrim like it took an arrow to the knee." Enjoy your vids.
Bad Username Creator : GT 210 in 5 way SLI = GTX 1050
Nicholas Corlis : Most of YouTube: "Look at how amazing the 3080 is!"

Dawid: "Ok! Today we're building our 2020 Half Life 2 MAX SETTINGs 720p PC. You're gonna need $2 for the CPU, $16.53 for two mystery Wish GPUs, and to steal the DDR2 ram out of your work's Optiplex. Then we'll spend the next six hours getting SLI working!"
Alexander Yordanov : I really want a GT 3010 now. Ampere arch, 10-25W power usage, low-end GDDR5 VRAM, latest driver and APU support.
Simon Herter : I actually used the gt 210 for the last year. It was good enough to play Minecraft with 20 fps and Brawlhalla with 60 fps. I upgrated to an rx 5700xt which is just a small update




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